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Daily Soup Cup

Daily Soup Bowl

*all soups are made in-house


Kale Caesar Salad

Kale, parmesan cheese, house-made croutons, and caesar dressing.

Spinach Salad

Baby spinach with toasted almonds, avocado, craisins, trail ridge goat cheese, and our balsamic vinaigrette.

Salad Trio

Ola's chicken salad (curry with craisins & pecans, or classic), egg salad, and kale salad served with grilled toast points.

Green Goddess Salad

Carrots, cucumbers, red cabbage, toasted sunflower seeds, avocado, and City Roots microgreens on a bed of baby spinach with our green goddess dressing.

Asian Salad

Cucumbers, edamame, toasted sesame seeds, and avocado on a bed of freshly grown farms bibb lettuce and an Asian slaw mixed with crunchy red cabbage, napa cabbage, red peppers, scallions, and carrots with our creamy cashew dressing.

Add Chicken Breast to any Salad


Balsamic, Caesar, Creamy Cashew, Green Goddess, Sesame Ginger

*all dressings served on the side (except Caesar Salad)

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