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About Crave

In March of 2016, John Brunty and partners opened Crave Artisan Specialty Market to sell regional products such as jams, honey, grits, cheese biscuits, benne wafers and so much more.  Later that year, the group added a kitchen to showcase how well all of the flavors blended. The jams from Cameron, SC were great with the goat cheese from Aiken, SC.  The "cafe to go" and small countertop were an immediate success.

By April 2017, it was clear we needed professional help.  Hello, Ola Helsing, a trained chef from the French Culinary Institute, NYC.  Soon, we began removing the retail shelves and replacing them with tables.  Accolades pour in on a daily basis and business has reached heights we never dreamed possible in our tiny space.​

In January 2023, brothers Louis and James Williams and their father Jimmy Williams purchased Crave Artisan Market. Crave specializes in regional products, artisan sandwiches, and salads made with fresh, local ingredients.  We are widely known for our tomato pies, paninis, chicken pot pies, quiches, salads, and more!

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